Spicebird Beta 0.4 Released!

So, here it is. Spicebird - on its maiden flight. After nearly an year of effort we finally got our act together to release the nascent version of Synovel's free and open source collaboration suite. The released version 0.4 contains well integrated tools of collaboration viz. email, contacts, calendaring and instant messaging.

Spicebird has a long road ahead to become a comprehensive communications suite. We seek contributions from the community towards acheiving this in the form of ideas, suggestions, bug reports and source code.

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Extentions and Themes

I know its early in the piece. But! is there any of the above available for Spicebird, perhaps some from Thunderbird or Sunbird.
If not then nothing lost it is still a perfect piece of software. Handling and doing all that I want and much room for more. Congratulation. Reading other comments shows that this is likely to be a big hit.

Thanks again
Peter Y



OVLKK :-) and the team at Synovel/ Spice Bird .... Congratulations. Looks like you guys have made some really good progress over the past 1 yr. Wish you good luck and success ahead.

Founder & CEO - MInekey

First, I just want to say

First, I just want to say that this is a fabulous product. A breath of fresh air. I didn't think anyone would be able to challenge the Outlook standard of how a PIM client is done, but this has done just that. The tab format is brilliant. The home page, for the first time in the history of mail clients, is actually useful (who knew it could be done!).

With that being said, I don't know that I'll use it, just because it is a resource hog (not your fault, all mozilla-based software is like that). Even though I have 1gb of memory, my fans start getting noisy if I go past 300mb. So typically my browser (either Epiphany or Firefox) is the only "heavyweight" software I use. For mail I'm using Evolution right now. It has similar features to Spicebird but only uses 10mb of memory vs the 40-60mb I've been getting with Spicebird.


Hey guys, thanks for the release. I've pushed this into the contribs branch of Foresight Linux as a package. This makes it easy for our users to install and use it. I'll also be using it in a production environment (IMAP) to test things out and report anything I find that may require attention.

Thanks for the release and check out some exposure you're getting here: http://linux-blog.org/index.php?/archives/242-Use-Foresight-Linux-Add-Some-Spice-to-Your-Life!.html

Thanks again!

Thanks Thanks Thanks

Worth the wait. I have played with the program for 2 hours and have made use of most if not all componenets. Spicebird would have to be one of the most easy programs of its type to learn.
Again thank you

Regards Peter


First of all congratulations for such innovative dudes working on this! making user friendly softwares will definitely have success, just remembered google....
All the best and wishes!

I thought I am the first one to comment about this release, yuppe, i did that in sourceforge :-)

I am new to this tool and just have seen the demo and it seems quite interesting.. downloaded already and started exploring.

br, Kanthaa

btw, when i select custom option,i havent got much to select during setup. may be you already aware!

You should really try to

You should really try to become OpenOffice.org's next collab-suite, and replace TB+Lightning, which is nothing compares to Spicebird..