Collabsuite 2.0.0 Goes Open Source


After many months of development, we are now releasing a new version of Synovel Collabsuite. There are a whole lot of features in this release, the most prominent of them being:

  • Collabsuite is now available as LiveCD for download. This makes deployment of Collabsuite much easier, as the LiveCD ISO just has to be downloaded, burnt to a CD, and can be installed on any system or VM. Added to this, the LiveCD comes preloaded with all the important system administration utilities, and servers pre-installed. This makes installation much faster.
  • A new web based setup tool has been added. With this, users don't need to run the installation process from any script. They can instead perform the initial setup of the Collabsuite using this user friendly web based setup.
  • Calendar Server is now based on SOGo. SOGo offers improved mobile integration (using third-party software), and improved address-book functionality.
  • Personal Address Book is now synchronized between Webclient, Desktop Client, and Mobile Client. This is in addition to the calendar sync.
  • Collabsuite now has improved AD integration with support for multiple OUs. There is now no longer a need to maintain two separate LDAP databases, and the AD database could be extended to be used as LDAP backend for the Collabsuite.
  • A totally new feature is integration with CentOS Directory Server. Currently, for this integration, setup should be run from the linux console. But very soon this will be integrated with the web based setup.
  • Many more new features such as audit logging, web-based calendar, new options for users, groups and deamons, etc. have been introduced with this release.

The biggest announcement related to this release, though, is that the licence for Synovel Collabsuite Web Admin Console has now been changed to GNU General Public Licence version 3. The team at Synovel have been long time enthusiasts of open-source and free software. In order to give back to the free software community from which we have received so much support, we have decided to make Synove Collabsuite Web Admin Console open-source as well. Currently, only the licence has been changed, and we are in the process of moving the code to launchpad so that the open-source community can get involved actively. As part of this migration, we are also planning to make the Collabsuite compatible with Ubuntu LTS.