Blogs in Spicebird

For Spicebird 0.7 we are planning an extension for bloggers with the following idea:

When I wake up every morning, I have to know what happening. So, I check my account for email, social networking site for scraps, blog for comments, etc. If I have to do that several times a day, I have to repeat this process again and again. The popular solution to this problem seems to be notifications from blog, social networking sites as email to my account so that I just watch my incoming mail.

With this notification solution, when somebody sends me a comment on the blog, a notification mail sent to the inbox mentioning the name of the author and her comment. Then a reply is sent to that comment, a reply is received for that and so on.

All of this seems fine until we start comparing it with email. With email:

  • There is no need to open up a site, login and post. One can simply click on the reply button, type in the message and press send.
  • There is a record of the previous discussion that happened on the topic as a thread. Email applications nicely show the thread order and provide good filtering/searching.
  • It is possible to listen to other people discussing about a post by subscribing to a mailing list. In a blog I have to own the blog or own a comment to receive the replies.

The reason to compare blogs with emails is the similarity they both share:

  • Someone starts a topic and writes about it.
  • Many people see it.
  • Some people respond to it.
  • Original author or others reply to those reponses and so on. There forms a thread of conversation.

In fact, there is only one crucial aspect in which a blog is different from email. That it is available on the web for everyone to read while an email has a predefined set of recipients.

So, what if a email application has the capability to put/read a discussion on a blog in addition to sending it to desired recipients?

Imagine this:

  • When we compose an email, we also mention that it has to be published to a pre-configured blog account.
  • All published blog articles will be shown in the "Published" folder under that blog account.
  • All comments to the blog post will be shown as threaded replies.
  • It will be possible to reply to the comment or the original article.
  • Saving the composition in the compose window will create a draft. Drafts will be stored in the "Drafts" folder.
  • An HTML composing would mean a blog post with images etc. Attachments mean file uploads to the blog.
  • Unpublishing a blog post would be moving it to the "Trash" folder.
  • Editing the blog post shall be possible.
  • Tagging the entry in the published folder tags the blog post.
  • Searching and filters will work as on mails.
  • Configuring and following other people's blogs and conversations when allowed should be possible.
  • Most common blog types like Wordpress, Blogger, MovableType are supported.

Configuring a Blog account

Compose dialog composing a blog

Folders for a blog account

This is how we are planning to have blogs support for Spicebird 0.7. Your comments and suggesions are welcome.


Wordpress Support?

Wordpress support would be excellent!


I think it should be a separate tab with a post button, all the latest posts, comments, blog stats, etc.

- Calvin

Spicebird is really getting it...

Just recently I had blogged on a similar topic on my personal blog. My starting point was Twitter, but the rambling quickly went on to the need for an integrated, all-in-one solution, that is desktop based and that basically aggregates all my tidbits of information (social networking, blogging, rss feeds, emails, calendar, contacts, todo lists, status updates/microblogging (ala Twitter), etc, etc.). I see that Spicebird is on the right track on this one. You have all my support. I have two suggestions though:

  1. Social Networking integration would also be great.
  2. Try not to limit yourselves with the email metaphor. I know it is easy to build on top of it and that it is hard to come up with a new one but I am sure a better metaphor can be found that encompasses both email and other kinds of information that we have to deal with.


An idea for kind of account

Hello I'm really impressed by the work you're doing. I'm looking every day to test the 0.7 version. I'd like to suggest you an another type of account : entreprise wiki are beeing more and more important. I think it is not the most important today, but little and little it is growing.
Best regards, Jean-Louis

A Blog Box like an Inbox, that's cool

I would like to see more elaborate menu system for Blogs. One that shows
[:]Sent/ Uploaded


I am dying to test it out :D Keep up !

Sounds interesting

Sounds interesting. Is there a possibility to download a latest nightly of Spicebird (precompiled for Windows)?

Great Idea

Its a Great Move ... But How do I edit an existing post and re publish !!??

maybe just edit...

maybe just edit...