100,000+ downloads of Spicebird

Slowly but surely, the word about Spicebird has caught on and its spreading like wild fire now. The total Spicebird download count (for versions 0.4 and 0.7) crossed a hundred thousand. It stands at 140,780 as on today from Spicebird.com alone.

The Spicebird team thanks and congratulates all the developers, localizers, bloggers and the user community who helped Spicebird achieve this remarkable feat. We will continue to improve Spicebird to make it more feature rich and widely acceptable. Thanks for your patronage.


One month with Spicebird

Hi, I've been using Spicebird for the past month as my sole mail/RSS/everything-it-can-do client. The full post is here: http://dogbombs.livejournal.com/6651.html

Very impressed overall and can't wait to try out the next release. Thanks for a great piece of software.


Thanks to you and everyone who is working on it.

My spicebird

I recommend this! I've been using this tool for my messaging/mail/contacts and everything and especially the Google maps! Thanks to everyone by using this!

A small review for My ganocafe


Yes absolutely great, Spicebird is like a habit, once you've get it you can stop using it day by day, perfect and very easy to access to various web services, plus provides integrated access to mail, Instant messaging, Google map screen and more add on tools.

Get it now!