10000 downloads & loads of Feedback!

A big thank you to everyone who tried Spicebird. It's been a week and Spicebird Beta 0.4 was downloaded more than 10000 times from www.spicebird.com.

We did get a lot of feedback from the community - criticism, pats and feature requests. We will try our best to incorporate all you suggestions into the next releases (or hopefully in the updates). If you still have something to say, do mail me at prasad@synovel.com.

We are working towards making our SVN and the bugzilla available to everyone and keep watching this space for an announcement about it.


Windows Mobile - Activesync

Just trying out Spicebird, so far seems great and as I'm trying to rid myself of MS as much as I can it would be great is Spicebird would sync with my PPC or even a Palm device.

Is this software going to be Localized?

Is this software going to be Localized to most of the Indic Languages?
When can we expect one?

Indian localizations

We want to have Spicebird localized to as many Indian languages as possible. Currently, only Telugu localization is in progress. We are looking for volunteers for other languages. If you are interested to contribute, please see: http://www.spicebird.com/content/web-based-translation-tool-spicebird

Sunil Mohan

Well done. Plus feature request

Just tried Spicebird on Mandriva 2006. Clean install and works without major problem. I'd like to suggest an email enhancement to be able to "send to nominated local folder" in the address section, saves filing the sent copy as a separate action after 'send'.


Can you create an entry at https://bugzilla.spicebird.org/ with a little more detail?


I have downloaded Spicebird and began using it last night. What a welcome change to get back to a Thunderbird base and leave the MS Outlook 2007 behind - thus only wanting to use it to onlyt retrieve old messages (don't know if I want to import them to Spicebird). But this a great, I can see a lot of promise here with this program and a good stake is in the ground. I can wait until more is added and it begins to take hold.

Add it to GnomeFiles' site

Spicebird should be registered to the Gnome official software repertory.

Nice Job

I like the layout and the work flow nice job It will not replace Evolution but it can replace Mac Mail

It's a Evolution replacement candidate for me

I find Evolution - and then I'm thinking of the latest update(s) extremely buggy. So I am looking for other mail programs to help me communicate with the outside world.
Spicebird has most of the features I look for:

  • No windows that pops up / opens when I want to go into Addressbook or Calendar etc.
  • MS Exchange support (not implemented in Spicebird yet, but I see that it is coming)
  • Nice homepage / firstpage that can be used to something meaningfull.

Great work ... much better than Evolution

Thank you for this great program.
I have used Evolution ... but I do not like it. Thunderbird user for long time I am very happy to use Spicebird even it's still a beta version :)
Michel from France


So far it's really great. I would love to continue to use it, but, I ran into 3 problems.
These are mostly user wanted problems.
First I could not connect to a HTTP type email account.
Second, I can't sync my Blackberry to Spicebird.
Third, I can't import my Outlook Calendars.

Is there any work being done to help with these?

Thank You

Old Microsoft user can now leave Office forever

I have been a Microsoft Office user, since before the beginning. Now I can dump Outlook as Spicebird offers me the tools I common use from Outlook in a new open-sourced form.

With the advent of Thunderbird, OpenOffice and now Spicebird, I have the same functionality that I enjoyed with Office 2000, or Office XP. Microsoft's recent releases of Office are bloat-ware and very expensive.

Besides the world of Windows, or Bill's world, I am also a MAC user, and use NeoOffice on my new MacBook. It would really be cool if you can develop SpiceBird for MacOSX. I use the default Apple mail program and it's okay, but the functionality of Spicebird on the Mac would provide me again really great open source software.

Please consider a Mac version.

Kudos for the Windows version!

Claude E. "Rory" Rorabaugh
Vancouver, WA

A PC user since the fall of 1981 and a Mac adopter since Christmas of '07 (the Mac is for work)


PC's didn't come out back then.....LIAR!

I'm using Spicebird under

I'm using Spicebird under windows vista, and i'm loving it so far. The only thing i would like to see is to have it go to taskbar, being active all the time, without being that visible... You have such a nice e-mail notification pop-up that i can never see, since i can't lock it in taskbar. It's annoying for me to leave open, cos' i task-switch a lot using alt+tab, so i usually close it down... Which keeps me behind of my e-mail and rss-news :)


why not ad this software the the software list of Linux / ,... distributions i use for the moment Kubuntu where Firefox en Thunderbird is in the list.
This makes it easy to install.
And some add-ons for downloading e-mail from hotmail is even possible of course.

Great piece of software, i like it


Wow... now that would be neat.... drive the knife in a little deeper and twist..... poor MS...... Hotmail will never allow pop3 connections or imap but only html acces via browser so they can make some money off the adds. It vexes me when i have to tell my blackberry users and pda users that it won't work....

please help me,

I try to use FLOCK to open website when we click a link in spicebird (RSS), and it doesn't work. I don't know how can i do to choise another time FireFox or IE7. I try to find in Options menu but i didn't find. Thanks a lot

Cool App

Replace the tasks tab with IRC chat, Add Msn and Icq and that should be it also import of settings from thunderbird AND evolution. I can't wait for version 1.0

Very Nicely Done

I love the tabs at the top, I have a few things you may want to think about. Importing Thunderbird and evolution settings, Msn & ICQ plug ins for the messaging portion, I think you should consider killing the tasks tab and just sticking with the calender, a poll to see what the users prefer may help with wanted and unwanted features.

Not the Tasks tab

Firstly, congratulations on a great piece of software. I've been using Sunbird & Thunderbird for over a year now, Spicebird integrates these perfectly.

Secondly, please DON'T get rid of the tasks tab. I find this incredibly useful for work as I run a lot of projects concurrently. Interestingly the Tasks tab has just broken for me, no tasks are displayed. Where did they go while I was on lunch....?!

Thirdly, have you considered Firefox integration, I.E. including web page tabs? I'm thinking something along the lines of the way opera does email, as another tab within the browser.

Keep up the good work.

great soft but some feature to add

Great software is the first thing !!!
The seconde is some features, i think you need add in the next release: Why not import Thunderbird settings ?, and the support of IMAP protocol of Gmail ?


I just installed Spicebird and love it so far. As for IMAP, upon initial setup it looks like IMAP isn't supported, but if you go in to your account settings after initial setup you can set up IMAP. Seems to work fine as well.

Very cool app -- some feature requests here.

SpiceBird is certainly a very nice app, I am lot impressed upon first usage only.

Some feature requests:
* Additional IM protocols , most important IRC
* Tabbed - Universal IM/Messenging console
* Spell Check support for IM
* Someway to integrate on-line RSS reader accounts within SpiceBird, like GReader
* Port and host SpiceBird addons for early success & adoption from user community
* Blog client
* Imporved GCalendar support

** KISS - Keep it simple forever please

Great software!

Hi, I just discovered Spicebird and I think it's GREAT!

I'd like to be able to chat with my MSN, Yahoo!, Gmail, ICQ friends and on the other hand, a way to import my messages from Thunderbird :)


Do you plan on making a version for OS X? I don't know how hard it would be, but I do know that there are a lot of Mac users like me who would like to have this. Thanks in advance!


Are u willing to offer bugfixes/patches of the thunderbird-code to the origin https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ ?

Re: bugzilla

ofcourse we do.
All fixes to the bugs that originate from the base code, Thunderbird or Sunbird will go upstream. So will any enhancements. We do want to be perfectly transparent with the Mozilla Product and thats the sole reason for having all our code under the same tri-license.