Synovel Collabsuite - Linux Mail Server with Calendaring and IM


Synovel Collabsuite is an open source mail and collaboration software which is highly integrated and cost-effective. It provides comprehensive Linux mail server with calendaring and instant messaging functionality for enterprise. With all its high-end functionality, it is a great alternative to MS Exchange and other proprietary and expensive solutions.

Synovel Collabsuite comes with the following components

  • Linux email server with calendaring, instant messaging, anti-spam, anti-virus and archival features
  • Comprehensive web administration panel
  • Multi-platform desktop client suite (Spicebird) for end users
  • Web access - Rich Ajax web client
  • Mobile access - Email access on a wide range of mobile phones

The following image shows the architecture of the server along with other components of the solution.

Linux mail server, calendaring, IM

Collabsuite Server
The server software that runs on GNU/Linux OS, brings with it the advantages of higher security and performance. It has the following components

  • Email server - SMTP, POP3 and IMAP
  • Webmail - Ajax, re-branding support
  • Calendar server - Caldav protocol
  • Instant messaging server - Jabber protocol
  • Anti-virus and Anti-spam
  • Archival system with robust search
  • Admin panel - Web based, simplified and intuitive
  • Active Directory® integration
  • CentOS® Directory Server integration
  • Automatic data backups
  • Server monitoring, statistics

Administration Console
A web based administration console helps in remotely administering and monitoring all the services provided by the server. It provides a simple yet powerful way to manage users, services, permissions, anti-spam/anti-virus settings, data backups/archival along with a host of other features. Large organizations can create and administer a cluster of servers from this administration console.

Desktop Client Suite
The multi-platform desktop client suite provides integrated access to email, calendaring, instant messaging, blogs and RSS. A clean and intuitive interface and integration among various collaboration tools helps in improving user productivity. You may try the free and open source version of the desktop client called Spicebird.

Web Access
The rich Ajax web-client provides complete email and instant messaging functionality (calendaring coming soon). It works on all major browsers and supports re-branding.

Mobile Access and Sync
The mobile email component allows users to access email on their mobiles using the mobile browser. It works on all mobile platforms and a wide range of mobile phones.
User can also access email using a native IMAP email application on the mobile (available on iPhone, Blackberry*, Symbian/Nokia, Android). Calendar syncing works on Android* and iPhone.
*Using freely available third party mobile apps