Collabsuite Features

For Users


SMTP, POP and IMAP, Indexed Quick Search, Conversations, Tagging, Signing and Encryption, Shared Folders, Anti-spam/virus and Phishing detection


Event Scheduling, Invitations, Free/Busy Info, Timezones, Tasks, Recurrence and Alarms, Multiple Views, Agenda List, CalDav

Contacts and Instant Messaging

Global Addressbook via LDAP, Instant messaging, Buddy Lists, Work Groups, Presence Info, Chat Archival

Multi-mode Access

Access email anywhere on web or mobile, on a range of mobiles. Desktop client for Windows and Linux. Can use other clients - Outlook / Thunderbird. Rich web access on all browsers.

For IT Admins

Web Admin Panel

User and group management, Group or user based privileges, quotas and permissions. Multiple domains, Service management, Advanced configuration, Server statistics/reports, Mail diagnostics

Archival and Backup

Archival of Email, Indexed Search, Search in Attachments, Archive Rules, Archival for Chat, Auditing. Backup for all data, Network backup, Space Optimization, Encryption, Easy Restore.

Windows Network Integration

Integration with Active Directory, Domain Logon / Single Sign-on, Migration of users and data from Exchange server

Anti spam & Anti virus

Multiple filtering techniques - Pyzor, Razor2, Grey listing, DNS blacklisting, Spam-assasin rules, Auto learning. Highly configurable. Clam AV, Automatic database updates.

Check the product whitepaper for detailed list of features and benefits associated with our product.