Synovel Collabsuite comes in two editions - Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. While the Community edition is sufficient for most companies, the Enterprise edition offers advanced features such as HA, integration with large range of mobiles, re-branding, etc. Below is a detailed feature comparison between the Community and Enterprise editions.

Features Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Email (SMTP/POP3/IMAP), IM (XMPP), Calendar (Caldav) & Address Book (Carddav) Yes Yes
Integration with Active Directory & CentOS Directory Server Yes Yes
Single Sign On (SSO) / Kerberos Yes Yes
Remote Web Administration Console Yes Yes
Password Policies & Privileges Yes Yes
Ajax Web Client (based on Roundcube) Yes Yes
Multi-Platform Desktop Client (based on Thunderbird) Yes Yes
Distributed Services for load-balancing Yes Yes
Server Statistics Yes Yes
Mobile Alerts on Server Downtimes (only with Premium Support) Yes Yes
Mobile Integration (using open-source Funambol)   Yes
Automated Network Backups   Yes
Setup & Installation   Yes
Migration   Yes
Re-branding   Yes
High-Availability for redundancy   Yes
Sieve Mail Filtering Rules Yes Yes
Anti-virus & Anti-spam (including support for third party solutions such as Cyberoam & IronPort) Yes Yes
Group Mailing Lists Yes Yes
Multiple domains Yes Yes
Mail Archiving Yes Yes
Free Backup MX (only with Premium Support) Yes Yes
Mailbox sharing with Microsoft Exchange   Yes
Chat with Google Talk accounts Yes Yes
Shared Rosters or Predefined IM Groups Yes Yes
Multi-User Chat Yes Yes
IM Archiving Yes Yes
Calendar & Address Book
Calendar Free-Busy Lookup & Scheduling Yes Yes
Invitations Yes Yes
Agenda/Tasks Yes Yes
Enterprise-wide Address Book Yes Yes